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The form on this page is your direct private line to me! That being said, abuse of said direct line may result in zombies invasion of your house. Be warned!

I will be thrilled to receive messages such as:

  • Questions that I can reply to in a blog post. I’d especially like “Dear Emilie,” type letters. Classics, you know!
  • Offers to guest blog here. Please include a quick overview of the subject you’d like to write about and why you’d be a good person to write it.
  • Offers to guest draw here. The Metaphors could use awesome comic strips and/or you can pitch me collaboration projects.
  • Invitations to guest blog on your blog. Please include the subject you’d like me to talk about (if any), the address of the blog and a due date for the article.
  • Invitations to speak at a conference or education event. Please include the details of the event in question (or a link to the relevant information.)
  • Any other pertinent question or communication. Operative word being “pertinent”. 😉

Comments about a particular article or the blog in general are better written in the related comment section than in private, unless it is a harsh critique. Please, if you have to insult me, I’d prefer you do it in private – though to tell the truth I prefer constructive criticism even more! 😉

I’ll try to reply to your message in a timely fashion. Trust that any delay is due to life or an overload of emails and not snobism.

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