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The challenge with every About page is to determine what, of the insane amount of information I could write about myself, is actually of any interest to you. In a fashion most familiar to fellow game designers, I’m going to take the bullet point approach.

I am:

  • A woman (I didn’t feel like adding ‘female’ in front of job titles);
  • A Game Designer since 2007 (and have held various titles, including Design Director, since then;)
  • Currently working at EA Melbourne (also known as Firemonkeys) where I lead The Sims FreePlay design team (among other things;)
  • An ex-part-time College teacher (Storytelling in Games, mentoring prototypes and/or internships;)
  • An unpublished author with a blog appropriately titled The Writeaholic’s Blog;
  • An occasional musician (piano, flute), singer, and belly dancer;
  • Proudly sporting blue hair;
  • Dressed in black with the occasional blue accessory or band t-shirt;
  • A French Canadian from Quebec City;
  • An expat who moved 7 times in 12 months over 3 continents before arriving to my current apartment in Melbourne, Australia;
  • Creative, whimsical, organized, honest, social, blunt, and more than occasionally crazy;
  • Kind of abusing adverbs (and parenthesis) in this list.

The rest, you’ll hopefully –there’s that adverb addiction again!– learn by reading this blog. For additional professional information, you can always connect with me on LinkedIn!

If what you wanted to know more about was this blog, I think the tagline is pretty self-explanatory but you may also read more details about the Bustles and the Games by clicking the links to the appropriate article.

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